TF-CBT Certification

Why become certified in TF-CBT?

As TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment to help children and adolescents recover after trauma, certification means that mental health practitioners like you will have the knowledge, skills and supervision to use the model effectively in your practice.

The certification process is more than just the training. We also know that ongoing consultation helps clinicians understand and overcome the challenges of implementing TF-CBT and helps you develop creative strategies for implementing the TF-CBT components.

The Australian TF-CBT certification process has been designed to match the North American certification requirements as much as possible. Details on the North American TF-CBT certificaton process can be found on

The Certification Process

Review the TF-CBT Certification Criteria to ensure you’re eligible.

Complete the Certification Application

Receive confirmation that you’ve met the eligibility criteria and approval to take the exam.

Take the TF-CBT Certification Program Knowledge-Based Test

The Certification Criteria

You must meet all of the following 8x criteria to achieve TF-CBT Certification:

1. Education

Completion of a university degree in a mental health discipline.

2. Qualified Mental Health Professional

Currently practising in your mental health discipline.

3. TF-CBT-Web Online Accreditation

Completion of TF-CBT-Web before starting the accreditation.

  • Documentation required: A copy of the TF-CBT Web completion certificate provided by the Medical University of South Carolina.

4. TF-CBT Australia Training

Participation in our online or in-person TF-CBT Trainings (two days) conducted by TF-CBT Australia.

5. Consultation calls

Participation in consultation calls (attending 9 out of 12) conducted by TF-CBT Australia.

  • You must complete your consultation calls within 2 years after completing the 2-day training.

6. Treatment cases

The completion of 3x separate TF-CBT treatment cases. At least 2x of these cases must include the participation of their caregivers.

  • Documentation required: attestation statement verifying you’ve completed TF-CBT treatment with at least 3x children and at least 2x parents/caregivers or other designated third party.

7. Assessment of treatment cases

The use of at least one standardised measure to assess TF-CBT treatment progress (pre and post) with each of the above cases.

  • Documentation required: attestation statement.

8. TF-CBT Therapist Certification Program Knowlege-Based Test

Sitting for and passing the TF-CBT Therapist Certification Program Knowledge-Based Test with a score of 80% or higher.

  • You’ll have 2x hours to compare the test.
  • When preparing, we recommend you review the slides from the live training and the modules from the web-based training and any notes you have from the consultation calls. Reviewing the TF-CBT treatment manual Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents (2nd ed. Cohen, Mannarino & Deblinger, 2017) is also encouraged.
  • If you pass, Certification is valid for 5 years.
  • If you don’t pass, you can retake the test 6 months later with an AUD $50 retest fee.

Application Fees

The application process has 2x steps.

Part 1: Candidates will complete Part 1 of the application and submit it to the Certification Program. The fee for Part 1 is AUD $100 (non-refundable).

Part 2: Candidates who have met the first 7x criteria will then be eligible to take the TF-CBT Certification Test. The fee for Part 2 is AUD $100 (non-refundable).

Frequently Asked Questions


Are students eligible for TF-CBT Certification?

No. Only mental health professionals who have completed their respective mental health degree and are currently practising are eligible. However, students who have undergone two days of TF-CBT training and completed at least nine TF-CBT consultation sessions before the completion of their respective degree will be eligible for certification once they have completed the other certification criteria.

I have participated in a one-day, live TF-CBT training. Is that sufficient to meet the live TF-CBT training criterion?

No. The live clinical training must be at least 2x days.

I am using TF-CBT in a group format. Does this count toward TF-CBT Certification?

Yes, you may count 1x TF-CBT treatment case provided in group format toward TF-CBT Certification, provided that:

  1. The trauma narration was done in individual ‘breakout’ sessions;
  2. The parent/carer was included in treatment and
  3. The clinician applying for certification worked directly with 1x parent/child.
How long is my TF-CBT Certification valid for?

If you pass, Certification is valid for 5 years.


How often do I need to recertify in TF-CBT?
You will need to recertify every five years by completing recertification modules. You’ll receive an email a few months before your certification expires outlining the recertification steps.
Why do I need to recertify?

Recertification allows for certified TF-CBT clinicians to remain up-to-date with new TF-CBT related research and practical application.

Can I apply for recertification if my TF-CBT therapist certification has expired?

Yes. You can reapply for certification at any time. Once you’ve completed the recertification modules, the date of expiration will be five years from recertification.

Is there any other way to get recertified other than taking the online education modules?

No. You must complete the recertification modules online to get recertified.

Do I need to complete a recertification test?


Is there a recertification fee?

Yes. The recertification fee is AUD100.


Where do I find the application?

After registering with a username and password, you can access the online application form on our website. (Coming soon)

When do I submit my application?

Although you can register with a username and password on our website, please do not apply for TF-CBT therapist certification until you’ve met all of the criteria for certification (including the training, consultation and TF-CBT case completions).