TF-CBT training and certification for Australian mental health professionals

Become certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment for children, adolescents and their parents or carers.

About TF-CBT in Australia

Clinical psychologists Natalie Cabrera and Gavin Moffitt have worked closely with the developers of TF-CBT to introduce and roll out TF-CBT training throughout Australia.

Training Sessions

We provide high-quality training in TF-CBT to mental health professionals throughout Australia, a core part of the TF-CBT certification process. Register online to attend our upcoming training sessions.

The Certification Process

TF-CBT certification means that mental health practitioners like you will have the knowledge, skills and supervision to use the model effectively in your practice.

Developed by Drs Anthony Mannarino, Judy Cohen and Esther Deblinger, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy — or TF-CBT —is an evidence-based intervention that helps children, adolescents and their families with the emotional and behavioural difficulties associated with one or more trauma experiences.

We offer training in this evidence-based intervention for mental health professionals and organisations.

“Such a great training, it will be extremely useful in practice. So glad I was able to attend.”

– Psychologist, NSW.

“I loved the training, I found the demonstrations between Natalie and Gavin, role plays
and feedback opportunities extremely helpful in learning and consolidation!! The wealth
of expertise across the age range of clients was very helpful in thinking about my own

“I loved how well structured the training was and the online delivery was very effective
with the breaks. The case examples were helpful and points for questions as we went. It was also helpful to have discussions around single event vs complex trauma as well as different settings for treatment eg public in community or inpatient, private.”

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